No Results - No Charge Business Coach

We Can Find Almost Any Business, A Minimum 

Profit Increase Of 30% - In Just 45 Minutes.

Plus: Guarantee you’ll get a Minimum of 200% Return on your monthly business coaching investment.

We have a revolutionary new process with the ability to find almost ANY business owner MORE than 30% or R 100,000 in additional profit – and do so in LESS than 45 minutes – WITHOUT spending a cent extra on marketing or advertising!

But there’s more – We 100% GUARANTEE, No, ifs, and's or buts, no matter what, every month over the course of the year, you’ll get a 200% return on your monthly coaching investment.

And that’s just for starters – we also guarantee that we will generate DOUBLE your first month’s coaching fee in ADDITIONAL profit, BEFORE you pay for the second month.

That means your business coaching is risk-free, and you only pay for results, No empty promises and hyped - up promotion. This gives us more incentive to work harder to achieve a favourable outcome for your business. In addition, we get paid more if you earn more profit.

Where else can you go to receive a 200% return on your investment – every MONTH? How many other business coaches do you know that guarantee you results IN WRITING?, and provide financial proof before you start that you will only pay for results (Nobody, I checked)

Now you might be wondering ...where is the catch?


We Can't Help Everybody

I can’t help everybody. You see, I don't make the offer to people unless I'm 100% certain I can help them. 

  • Your business has been operating for a while. (This is not for start-ups)
  • Your business is doing Less Than R5 million in sales per annum. (Small Business)
  • You must have a steady flow of customers and/or potential customers.
  • If you want real results rather than just promises
  • You’re willing to working together for 12-months to achieve your goals

Interested? If you want real results rather than just promises — and you’re willing to working together for 12-months to achieve this, Then let’s chat for 15 minutes by phone, so we can outline the program and fill you in on the ways you will benefit from it… both personally and financially.

What Others Say About our business coaching

Since we started working together a few months back Hans helped and guided me into my success story, within the first month a minimum of 184% increase in profit and over 3 months an increase in sales of 30% without spending a dime in marketing, despite the bad economical state our beloved country is in. Now That is what I call RESULTS!!! I Strongly Recommend Hans as a business coach for any business, for he is one of the none that I know of who is actually willing to share his many years of experience for FREE...!!! So don't hesitate and don't wait too long and leave your business  to suffer in these times, get in contact with Hans and start working together to rise above the rest...!!!" Dereck - Business owner

It's for you, if you want to ...

  • Transform your cash-demanding profit seeking business, in to a profit and cash flow rich one that can flourish in any market.
  • Eliminate competition and dominate your local market, by making your business the obvious choice when it comes to buying what you are selling.
  • Maximize profitability, so you can earn more, and keep more of what you make - without needing more and more sales
  • Immediately increase sales and/or profits – by only making a few small changes of between 1% and 10%, in 6 key areas of your business
  • Stop missing out on  huge opportunities in your business that is costing you thousands, if not millions because you don’t have cash or credit to take advantage of them
  • Eliminate all the urgent, pressing cash flow problems and lead your business away from trouble, and back to success

About Your Business Coach?

I became a Business Coach and Consultant because, after owning many of my own businesses in multiple industries, over the past 32 years.  I know first hand what you are going through in your business, your frustrations, fears, dreams, and challenges better than anybody else. I earned my fair share of success and failure and know what works in the real word and what’s needed to succeed in business.

How It Works?

Before we start with any coaching, we do in-depth business analysis in 6 key areas of your business, to explore your business's true potential, so you can take full advantage of all the opportunities that exist in your business now. We will provide you with an easy-to-read report that includes a business valuation, sales, profitability, cost, cash flow, and performance analysis to name only a few.

Well help you understand your previous and future financial position and how it will be affected by implementing our recommended strategies. You also receive financial projections of up to 5 years anticipating your business's future sales, profit, and cash flow, demonstrating the ROI (Return on Investment) you will receive from coaching.

Every month, we track, measure, and analyse your latest financial info, and provide you with an updated report, comparing past performance against forecasts and objectives. It will give you the ability to anticipate what will happen in the coming days, weeks and months, even years. This allows you to take early action to prevent any risk and losses or bigger problems down the line. It also allows you to take full advantage of all the opportunities.

With more than 600 business tools and strategies, we can help you get measurable and consistent results... guaranteed. With just a few of our recommended strategies and only small improvements of just 1% to 10% in a few key areas of your business, we can double or triple your profits and even the value of your business in 6 to 12 months.

You Are 3 -Steps Away, from a Bigger, Better and Stronger Business

Complimentary Strategy Call

Complimentary consultation where we will identify areas of unrecognized sales, profit and growth opportunities in your business.

Business Breakthrough Analysis

 A "done for you" in-depth business opportunity and financial analysis where we look at up to 6 key areas of your business

No-Risk 40-day Coaching

No-Risk 40-day coaching program, designed to introduce you to the power of working with a Business Coach, and see if we are a good fit.

What Cliens Are Saying

With the help from Hans, I was able to increase my profit with 35% in the first 60 days. I am now more focused and goal orientated and very excited about the future. 

C van Wyk // Business owner

By implementing only a few of the recommended strategies our business grew from 700 000 in sales p/a to 2,4 million and are on track to reach 5.2 million, this year with net earnings of 480 000 by the year-end. We expect to reach 7.8 million next year. 

Tielman Roux // Quick Assist business owner

Hans is very helpful when it comes to giving you assistance as far as it concerns you Business and advising you how you can get your Business operating on its maximum potential, he's also a very good listener listening to your problems and giving you the help you need to make it successful out there in the Business world that's so competitive these days that one sometimes struggles, and you don't always know the in's and out's of making your Business succeed in this tough time that we live in. So in conclusion I would recommend Hans to any Business owner out there struggling to survive...! 

Schalk // Business owner of a Driving School

Hans is different. He’s not like those others and is not just another consultant guy. He actually cares. His stuff works. He can help you. Paul.

Paul // Business owner

Since I have started working closely with Hans, I’ve learned so much. Not only in business, but much about myself. I have learned to focus on the important things, and that to achieve success means working harder on myself. I have learned to dream again and that dreams do come true. From all the training sessions, seminars and workshops I’ve done, and from all the companies I’ve worked with before, Hans taught me skills that no one ever had done.

Irma Smith// Business owner