February 18, 2022

8 Kinds Of Business Plans

Everything you need to impress potential Lenders & Investors! Our  business plans were designed by entrepreneurs who have raised millions in funding.

Start-up Business  Plan

Business Plans for Established Business 

Business Growth Plan

Buy a Business,   Business Plan   

Business Turnaround Plan

Financial Plans & Forecasting

Business Marketing Plan

Sell or Exit a Business, Business Plan 

Business plan category

Traditional Business Plans

All business plans are unique. Yours will be, too. We don’t use templates; we develop each business plan from scratch. If you're looking for template based and cheap, we aren't the right fit. If you’re serious about success and understand the value of a good strategic business plans, you’re in the right place.

Assisting business owners through difficult financial, operational, cash flow, and legal challenges, by providing business turnaround solutions on contingency basis like only the most reputable lawyers. We only get paid when you make more money, to help you lead your business away from trouble, and back to profitability without increasing more financial burden.

Business Growth Plans aa

Business Plans for existing businesses that wants to apply for more funding to increase growth, profitability, sales or to acquire investors, potential buyers, and strategic partners or turnaround the business. Professional, realistic, accurate, and comprehensive business plan that includes historical and forecasted financial information of up to 5 years.

Financial Plan For Business

Reliable and accurate financial forecasting planning and budgeting you can trust. Detailed 12 months and up to 5 years rolling sales, profit and cash flow forecasts and analysis. Monthly or quarterly in-depth review, analysis and interpretation of historical financial performance against prepared forecasted financial projections.

Strategic Business Plans

A business strategy plan is Not a business plan. A strategic plan is focused on improving a business' big strategy to achieve a long term goal to get from point A to point B as effectively, and efficiently as possible This includes making sure the business long term survival, stability, competitiveness, and risk reduction, to name only a few. We assist you throughout your planning process, step-by-step, and keep you on track...

Business Plan To Exit Business 

Business plan for exiting the business. Don't Make The Mistake of Selling Your Business Short. We can help you get up to 50% more for your business with the development of a 1 to 3 year strategic business exit plan to sell your business at the optimum price within the shortest time.

Business Plan For Buying a Business 

Take the risk out of buying or investing in a business and make sure you get the best deal. Numbers don’t lie, people do, and a comprehensive Due Diligence study will determine its real potential and ROI…… before entering into a transaction. This includes a full evaluation of the business’s financial records, revenue, expenses, profits, margins, cash flow, sales, working capital requirements, funding requirements, and trends over time, 

Small Business marketing plans

A marketing plan may be part of an overall business plan or a stand-alone strategic marketing plan. The goal for this business plan is to create a marketing strategy to eliminate competition and dominate the local market, by making your business the obvious choice when it comes to buying what you are selling. It also serves as a roadmap the business use to sets the overall direction and goals for your marketing and track marketing activities

Types Of Business Plan in South Africa

  • Bakery business plan
  •  car wash business plan
  • farming business plan
  • e-commerce business plan
  • business plan of internet café
  • coffee shop business plan
  • chicken farm business plan
  • salon business plan
  • restaurant business plan
    security company
  • business plan
  • guest house business plan
  • business plan for
  • cleaning services
  • fast food business plan
  • pig farming business plan
  • catering business plan
  • poultry egg farming business plan
  • construction company business plan
  • tuck shop business plan
  • laundry business plan
  • business plan for cleaning company
  • photography business plan
  • business plan for hair salon
  • clothing business plan
    security business plan
  • business plan for clothing
  • brand spa business plan
  • goat farming business plan
  • real estate business plan
  • business plan for food truck
  • gym business plan
  • Cattle Farming Business Plan
  • Business Plan For Livestock Farming
  • Small fast food business plan
  • vegetable farming business plan
  • rental property business plan
  • hotel business plan
  • cleaning services business plan
  • petrol station business plan
  • event planning business plan
  • construction business plan
  • trucking business plan
  • property development business plan
  • small restaurant business plan
  • fashion boutique business plan
  • soup kitchen business plan
  • business plan for transport and logistics
  • business plan for supermarket
  • business plan for travel agency
  • clothing store business plan
  • butchery business plan
  • poultry farming business plan
  • business plan for law firm 
  • preschool business plan
  • business plan for electrician
  • mobile car wash business plan
  • transport business plan
  • barber shop business plan
  • liquor store business plan
  • funeral parlor business plan
  • cattle farming business plan
  • taxi business plan 

We can help you Plan, Fund, Start and Grow a business, even with little or no money. We are Not business plan writers, we are business consultants. Knowing firsthand what you are going into, and what’s needed to succeed in business after owning 40 of my own businesses in multiple industries the past 32 years, We know what works in the real world. Contact us for a free quote.


30 years business experience as a business owner, coach and consultant that started, and build 40 of his own businesses. 

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