Discover Your Business Growth Potential With This Business Growth Calculator Now!

Just imagine, if you can optimize only a few things in your business every week, with just 2%, and you do this over 52 weeks. That equals more than a 100%  improvement, not taking in account the compound effect it will have on the business.

How to use the business growth calculator

With incremental improvements in several of the key success areas in your business of between 1% and 10% that is easily achievable, you have the potential to double, triple and even quadruple your sales, profit and income. 

Step 1: Your business annual revenue

Step 2: Using the red slider bar, select with how much do you want to improve different areas in your business. Keep it low and easy, achievable.

Step 3: Select the time period it will take you to implement the necessary improvements.

Step 4: Select how many areas you want to improve. We focus on up to 30 ares when working with our clients, but 10 areas is more than enough to make a huge difference.

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