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  • "Don't Let a Weak Business Plan Hold You Back - Try Our Business Plan Review"

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    Build2Grow business plan review and optimisation services are for you if you already have a business plan and wants to:

    • Update your existing Business Plan, or
    • Improve your existing Business Plan, making it stronger so that it is more likely to attract investors or secure financing.

    Too often, good business ideas have failed to get going because of a poorly written business plan.

    It can be frustrating when you put your heart and soul into a business, but it doesn't seem to be getting the traction it needs. You may have tried everything in your power to improve your business, but something still isn't quite right. Investors may be hesitant to give you the funding you need to grow, and customers may not be flocking to your door.

    Market research has indicated that 93% of business plans are rejected by financial institutions due to poorly presented business cases.

    Why Business Plans Don’t Get Funded?

    • Insufficient and Unrealistic financial projections and expectations.
    • Lacking market research with information based on opinion rather than facts.
    • No sustainable competitive advantage
    • Little or poor business and marketing strategy.
    • Poor market demand - under the belief that a market exists when it really doesn’t
    • Not focus on your competition

    "Get the Expert Guidance You Need to Succeed with Our Professional Business Plan Review"

    Our business plan review service is a professional service that evaluates your business plan to provide feedback and suggestions for improvement. The purpose of a business plan review is to suggest ways to strengthen it. During a business plan review, we will examine the plan's content, structure, and presentation. We will assess the plan's strengths and weaknesses, identify areas that need improvement, and make recommendations for enhancing the plan's overall effectiveness.

    The review may cover various aspects of the plan, such as the market analysis, financial projections, management, and marketing strategies. The goal is to help you create a solid plan that has a higher chance of success, and ultimately increase the chances of securing funding

    A thorough business plan review can help a company refine its strategy, it can also help you identify potential risks, opportunities, and areas for growth, making it an essential component of any company's ongoing planning and development process.

    As a Business Specialist, my main role is to help you create a comprehensive and well-written business plan that is crucial for securing funding, attracting investors, and a roadmap for success.

    Business Plan Review Process & Pricing

    1. Business Plan Submission

    To initiate a business plan review, you would need to contact Build2Grow and send us your business plan through email. Ensure that you submit the completed business plan for review.

    2. Initial Discussion and Payments

    Our consultant will schedule a call to discuss your requirements and walk you through the process. After the discussion, the team will send you an invoice for the review services. The process of review will start once the payment is completed.

    3. Review

    We will review your business plan based on your requirements and purpose and mark the areas which need improvements, suggest changes and modifications, and also give you a roadmap on how to improve your business plan.

    4. Modifications (Optional Add On)

    Based on the feedback, you may choose to hire our team to do the modifications. Depending on the efforts required, the team will send you the quotation for the work and proceed based on agreement and payment.

    Let our experienced consultants help you optimize your business plan for success. To initiate a business plan review, you would need to contact Build2Grow and send us your business plan through email. 

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