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Basic Startup Business Plan


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Micro To Small Businesses

  • Time Frame: 7 - 14 Days
  • 20 - 25 Pages Business Plan
  • Revisions - 3 minor versions
  • Free 30 Day Business Coaching 
  • Support and guidance
  • Include your research in the plan
  • Complete Financial Plan

Custom Designed Business Plan


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Specialized Business Plan

  • Time Frame: 14 - 21 Days
  • 30 - 40 Pages Business Plan
  • Revisions - 4 minor versions
  • Free 30 Day Business Coaching 
  • Support and guidance
  • Include our combined research in the plan
  • Include Additional Analysis 
  • Funding Application  Assistance
  • Complete Financial Plan

Unique Business Plan

Our business plans are well-researched,  custom designed, comprehensive and professionally prepared.

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Reliable And Realistic Financial Forecast That Can Make The Difference Between Success And Failure Securing Funding

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We help you think through every aspect of your business plan, so you can answer tough questions from lenders & investors,  with confidence

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CIPC verified PTY/LTD company, Registered with NTSCM, Seda service provider, COMENSA member, GMB verified. Certified business coach, & consultants. 

30 Day Coaching

Free 30 days business coaching to make suggestions, and help you stay on track implementing your plan. 

1 360 Plans Completed

Our Selected Team of Professional Business Consultants and Business Plan Writers that has written over 1 360 Business Plans combined globally.

About Us?

Your Business Plan Writer, 

What makes your Business Plan Writer different is he started, bought, and build 40 of his own businesses in the past 32 years in multiple industries. He knows how to Plan, Fund, Start and Grow a business. A business optimization specialist and known for creating fast-growing businesses.

Hans vRensburg 

  Business Consultant

Business Plans Include

Non-Disclosure & Confidentiality Agreement to protect your ideas

Phone/ Email / Skype Support and guidance throughout the project lifespan 

Hands-on help & support and guidance throughout the business plan project

Access to free tools to help your new business succeed 

30 Day Business Coaching after plan is completed

Access to database of the latest loan and investor Opportunities

Standard Business Plan - Table of Content

Table of content may vary depending on customization of your unique business plan

1. Executive Summary 

2. Objectives

3. Mission

4. Keys to Success 

5. Company Summary 

6. Company Ownership

7. Start-up Summary 

8. Products/ Service 

9. Market Analysis Summary 

10. Market Segmentation  

11Target Market Segment Strategy

12. Industry Analysis

13. Competition and Buying Patterns 

14. Strategy and Implementation Summary

15.SWOT Analysis

16. Competitive Edge

17. Marketing Strategy

18. Sales Strategy

19. Sales Forecast 

20. Web Plan & Marketing Strategy  

21. Management and Personnel Plan 

22. Financial Plan

23. Start-up Funding 

24.  Important Assumptions 

25. Break-even Analysis 

26. Projected Profit and Loss 

27. Projected Cash Flow       

28.  Projected Balance Sheet

29. Business Ratios

30 Loan Repayment Schedule