February 18, 2022

Business Plan Prices In South-Africa 2023

How much does a business plan cost in South Africa?

A business plan in South Africa in 2022 can cost you on average between R3,000 and R 25,000, although there were cases where more than double these prices were justified. Business plan prices varies based on several factors, like the type of business plan you need, how fast you want it, and who is going to do the Market & Industry research. But the main factor that influence a business plan price is the amount of Time a consultant or writer spends on creating your business plan.

Different Business Plan Price Packages

Most business plan consultants or writing services and companies offer 3 different price packages - 

1. Basic Business Plan

2. Standard Business plan

3. Premium Business Plan


A basic business plan is normally sufficient for a general Startup business, and cover the minimum business, marketing and financial information. Basic Business Plan prices may vary from R3,000 to R6,000. In general, the plan will consist of 20 – 25 pages, takes on average 5 - 7 working days to complete, and includes a minimum financial projections of 12 months. If you want to apply for finance, you need at least 3 years of financial projections and will need to pay extra for the longer financial forecasts. Plus, you have to provide all the Market & Industry research, Strategies and Financial Analysis that they incorporate into your plan. This is how most business plan companies work, and how they keep their fees so low.


Your standard business plan is a complete business plan that is more suitable for startups and existing businesses plan.

A Standard Business Plan cost between R 8,000 and R13,000. The plan consist of 20 – 30 pages, takes on average 14 - 21 working days to complete, and includes a complete financial plan with 3 - 5 years of financial forecasts. It also includes your Market & Industry research Plus additional desktop market research,


A Premium Business Plan is a more advanced and in depth plan, This is normally for more advanced or bigger businesses. It can also consist of a Standard plan with a complete marketing plan. For a Premium Business Plan, you should expect to pay between R16 000 and R23 000. The plan consist of 30 - 50 pages, takes on average 21 - plus working days to complete, and includes a complete financial plan with 5 years of financial forecasts. It also includes your Market & Industry research Plus additional desktop research, and in some cases even paid for research

The Real Price For Your Business Plan?

Up to 93% of business plans are rejected due to poorly presented business cases. Even if these ordinary “business plan writing services.” promise a so-called “Funding Ready Business Plan”, the facts still remain that on average less than 1% of Startups get venture capital, less than 2% get angel investment, and fewer than 10% get loans from family or friends.
The truth about startups going from business plan to funding, to launch is just a myth. Most startups go from plan to launch, without getting anybody else’s money to spend. More than 50% of startups are funded only by the founder and are on a do-it-yourself or not-at-all plan.

So, what is the real price you are paying if your plan get rejected? Yes, you may save a little money on a business plan doing it yourself, or hiring an ordinary business plan writer instead of a professional “business plan consultant”, but it can cost you thousands and even millions in the long-term. Can you afford it? 

The Solution

Investors, and financial institutions receive hundreds of business plans, and we can help you to provide a strong business case. One that will showcase your business opportunity’s real potential and will stand out from the crowd. Give your business opportunity all the chance it deserves.

We can help you Plan, Fund, Start and Grow a business, even with little or no money. We are Not business plan writers, we are business consultants. Knowing firsthand what you are going into, and what’s needed to succeed in business after owning 40 of my own businesses in multiple industries the past 32 years, We know what works in the real world. Contact us for a free quote.


30 years business experience as a business owner, coach and consultant that started, and build 40 of his own businesses. 

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