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We offer business consulting, coaching & advisory services to SME

business owners who wish to grow their business, sales, and profit.

"The Fastest, Most affordable Way To More Growth, Sales, and Profits ... Guaranteed."

  • Transform your cash-demanding profit seeking, underperforming business in to a profit maximizing cash flow rich one that can flourish in any market.
  • Discover your business true potential by identifying the best areas of unrecognized sales, profit and growth opportunities in 30 different key areas of your business.
  • Eliminate competition and dominate your local market, by making your business the obvious choice when it comes to buying what you are selling.
  • Want to stop overworking and start generating more revenue with less stress, without sacrificing every working hour in the day.
  • Discover "the smart way” to maximize profitability, so you can earn more, and keep more of what you make - without needing more and more sales
  • Double your sales and/or profits – and do so in 6 to 12 months, by only making a few small changes of between 1% and 10%, in key areas of your business
  • Eliminate All The Urgent, Pressing Cash Flow Problems That's Forcing You Into Making Bad Decisions And Digging Yourself Into A Deeper Financial Hole.
  • Stop missing out on  huge opportunities in your business that is costing you thousands, if not millions because you don’t have cash or credit to take advantage of them
  • Turnaround around your business if in crises and lead your business away from trouble, and back to success
  • Don't Sell Your Business Short, Get Up To 50% More when Selling, or Take The Risk Out Of Buying A Business And Make Sure You Get The Best Deal 

What Others Say About our business 

Consulting & Advisory

"Since we started working together a few months back Hans helped and guided me into my success story, Within the first month a minimum of 184% increase in profit and over 3 months an increase in sales of 30% without spending a dime in marketing, despite the bad economical state our beloved country is in. Now That is what I call RESULTS!!! I Strongly Recommend Hans as a business consultant for any business, for he is one of the none that I know of who is actually willing to share his many years of experience for FREE...!!! So don't hesitate and don't wait too long and leave your business to suffer in these times, get in contact with Hans and start working together to rise above the rest...!!!" Dereck, Business Owner

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  • The Magic Formula (Get more new clients than you can handle).
  • The IDEAL Fast Growth Strategy (Bigger, Better Clients).
  • Discover How To Keep More Of What You Make Every Month
  • The Weekly-Power-Hour Formula that will skyrocket your business growth.
  • The 3 Steps To Double Your Profit without spending more on marketing
  • And Many More...